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Update: A Star Is Born Comments and Question spoilers








1. This is the only version I have seen. How does it compare? Garland or Streisand better versions?


2. To me this was a story how alcoholism can destroy utterly oneself and all around you. Jackson had everything, talent, adoring fans and complete love from Ally. Yet his alcoholism controlled his every action.

3. When Ally said “its ok” to him at rehab I still was with his father. At what point do you say “its ok” or “no its not ok for what you did”.


4. The premise had a fairy tale feel to it. Uber talented singer singing in a bar discovered by Uber popular singer who sees her falls in love and launches her career. I did not buy it.

5. Lady Gaga was great.

6. Also Ally was a Carol King type singer yet she seemed fine being turned into a Britney Spears? It seemed unbelievable although at the end she came into her own.


7. Why did the movie have a 70s feel to it? I kept thinking at the end of James Taylor and Carly Simon.


My mother liked Lady Gaga’s singing but did not enjoy the music overall. Also she said she would have tossed Jackson out especially after the Grammy Award.

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