ummm, I spent all day thinking of all the different topics I wanted to cover and right now I got nothing.

I am sorry GT but I am leaving you for UFO-Aftershock, I barely have time peruse the first couple pages (where the hell are all these newbies coming from, you guys are slowing me down - I gotta get to UFO).

I think I may have doxed myself - there was a VERY subtle hint that I will completely ignore because if I worried too much about that sort of thing I would not be here - besides I don't say much of to speak of . I have had a 'lively' past - I wear it well and I had a lot of fun.

Yes, it is true that I will use the word stochastic every chance I get; I have loved that word for 40 years. Words I like to say out loud (and in my head) are onomatopoeia and borborygmi.


Any gamers here like PBeM games? Olympia version 4 is up and running at

I ran out of Oxygen so my bead-making has dropped to zero

There is a new storm brewing in Seattle; between 2 really stark gangs! Everywhere you go you see them in their uniforms, their hupties parked illegally around the city. Remember all those old western stories where the sheriff is evil and the police are the good guys? (think of Wyatt Earp and his brothers - they were the police and the sheriff was paid for and owned by a gang called 'The Cowboys, they shot up one of his brothers and killed the other so Wyatt and Doc went hunting (this was way after the shootout at the OK Corral), they hunted them down and killed them where they found them "le damned bull sans mercy") but there were other times where the sheriff was the good guy and the town police were the bad guys. The difference was always the sheriff was county and the police were city. Anyway, here in Seattle the Sheriff's deputies are beginning to show up all over town; a really strong presence that started with them getting control of Metro security. That leave the Police with bicycle patrol and driving around; their union is fighting with the Fire Dept union over who gets to rescue people in need of help on the water (with disastrous results).


I am becoming a damned polyanna at work, being all smiley and good moody on Mondays (heh,heh - I learned you can piss off a lot more people if you are cheerful on a Monday morning and the habit just grew. I try to say something nice to everyone - picking out something that stands out like a beard, or boots or some article of clothing. Then I come home and kill the damned aliens.

I googled post-apocolyptic images and found that pic up top; it was so good I had to attribute it so:

Image by

Christophe Dessaigne