First, the comment:

I bought two new shades of nail polish yesterday, both from Essie: Tart Deco, and Stylenomics. While Tart Deco is just a decent medium-pale pink (I thought it might be more orangy than it is), I LOVE LOVE LOVE Stylenomics. It's a dark, dark green - more like black with a green tinge. So much depth to this colour! And I only needed to do one coat! (One good was good for Tart Deco as well). I love it so much that I think I'm going to get their dark, dark red colour as well (I think it's Wicked that I'm thinking of?).

(not my picture - I'm not nearly that good at painting my nails).

Style Question: Hair cuts! I think I want to get a faux hawk. I'm in love with this look, by Gorgeous Tilda, but I'm having a hard time trying to figure out if it's a beautiful look in itself, or if it's just Tilda making it beautiful. So, faux hawk or no? Is this a style that's on its way out, or is it still cool? Is there a better style?


The following two pics are of my current hair, completely unstyled and slept on, to give you an idea of length, texture, colour (and yes, that's Tart Deco and Stylenomics on my nails). If anyone has any awesome suggestions, please share! I'm open to completely different things, as well.


ETA: I just googled more pics of Tilda, and I think she's convinced me to try the faux hawk, Tilda style.


I may also pluck most of my eyebrows.

Bonus pic! :