I've gotten less diligent at Curing the Apartment, but I had cleaned out my biggest closet a while ago and had bags of work clothes in good condition to donate. My therapist had suggested going to Dress for Success, but they only have one office with limited hours. I googled some of the big churches within walking distance of my apartment and discovered that the one with the biggest food bank also has a closet for clients who have job interviews and need good clothes.

So I threw everything into a big suitcase and rolled over there. When I told them the bag had professional clothes, they were so excited it was a little embarrassing. The guy at the door kept thanking me over and over. When I said, "I've heard that the clothing closets have a hard time getting plus sized clothes," he said "Ma'am we are having trouble getting any size clothes and our people have been getting some interviews." The Director came out to shake my hand and showed me the closet.

Other plus sized GTers will know that it can be hard to find nice pieces that you feel good about wearing; this makes it hard to give them up even if they no longer fit quite right or you just need the room. These folks made me really happy to give away my nice pieces because I can imagine they are helping people get jobs.