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A Successful Christmas

For those of you who don't know. He is 14 and autistic. He's on grade level with everything but reading comprehension, but when he talks, his communication dysfunction is so strong that he sounds almost toddler like. Last night he kept asking, "It's time to present?" (Present being a verb, not a tense.) He tried to convince us that he should sleep on the couch. I gave him a little extra melatonin (he takes 1 mg before bed.)

We woke up to my son banging around the living room. He had plugged in the tree and opened one present. When I asked what he was doing, he said, "To Kenny, From Santa!" and waved another package at me. I had been hunting on cheap daily deal site for the last four months. We got him a cheap android tablet for about $50 and a nice camera. There were some movies and some ties. He was thrilled with his gifts.

Black Friday, Best Buy had a laptop for $175. My husband was sick, but on Saturday he went by and asked if they had one. They had one that either wasn't picked up or was returned. So she got that, a movie, a box of awesome socks and a box of tee shirts.


We went over to my Mom's house and opened more presents. We ate sausage balls for breakfast and I helped cut up veggies. My Mom's family decided today at Mom's house was good. It was pretty last minute and I didn't know until my aunt posted about not being there today. Her daughter didn't know until then either.

We had cold ham, a veggie and a fruit tray, bbq weenies and meatballs, taco soup, stew, macaroni salad, and fudge. It was pleasant except for my husband having a low blood sugar. He looked over at me and asked if he could run away, but about half way through asking, he squinted one eye shut. That usually means that he is seeing double. I went and got him a sandwich. Then I got him 2 homemade rolls with ham on them. It took about 45 minutes for him to get back to normal. I'm not sure if anyone else noticed his weirdness. Now we are home watching Doctor Who and playing with Christmas presents. I guess we will just have a grazing dinner. We brought back ham and some veggies.

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