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A surprising development on the Annoying Inlaw Front

So my annoying inlaws currently live in a two bedroom townhouse and are always going on and on about how it's too small. Mostly it's too small because they are hoarders who have filled in with crap.

Anyways, my FiL owns two houses. One that he lives in, and one, that he inherited from his parents, that he rents to another couple. Back when ABiL married ASiL he contacted Mr. Ivriniel and asked what he thought about ABiL asking for his inheritance early, and getting one of the houses from their Dad. (For the record, their sister, OSiL is cut out of the will.). Mr. Ivriniel said he didn't have a problem with it, provided that they didn't get the house and flip it. Then ABiL started talking about maybe buying the house from their Dad.

It ended up not happening, largely because ASiL had an extensive list of demands before they would buy the house, including having him replace the baseboards so they matched throughout the house, because some are white and others are pine.


I can't really blame her for not wanting that house. My FiL is crap at upkeep, and we know for example that his toilet leaked for months before he got around to fixing it. Also she wants to live in a smaller city about an hour away from where my FiL lives, and and an hour closer to where her family lives. This smaller city has a cultural cache though, and as such is more expensive, so there is no way they are ever going to be able to afford it.

So anyways, fast forward to last week. ABiL called Mr. Ivriniel and told him that he has spoken to their Dad about moving into his house. My FiL apparently wants to move up north, to be closer to a friend of his. This friend is considerably younger than my FiL and the friend's kids are like the grandsons he doesn't have. They apparently have a basement apartment and have offered to let him stay in it.

My FiL has decided that the city where he lives has changed and he wants to get out of there and go north too (I take this to mean it's no longer as white as it once was, so he's fleeing the brown people) but he really doesn't want to pack up all his crap.

Mr Ivriniel was under the impression that his brother was offering to buy the house, but my MiL (who is divorced from my FiL) says that ABiL was offering to rent the house.

Either way, the annoying inlaws have apparently told him that if he gives them the house, he can take what he wants from it and go north, and they will dispose of the rest. (Which probably means that all our Christmas and Birthday presents for the next 10 years will be items from his house. ASiL once gave me a canning funnel that belonged to her Grandmother, but told me if I ever wanted to get rid of it I should just give it back to her.)

On the upside, if my FiL went north, it would mean no longer being guilted into weekly dinners at his house to listen to him pontificate about how fundamentalist Muslims have taken over the UK and whatnot. ( I love how in his mind both the Fundamentalist Muslims and Homosexuals have taken over the UK seemingly simultaneously. Cognitive dissonance much?)

On the downside, the Annoying Inlaws are going to be trying to nickel and dime him in order to pay as little as possible (Especially ASiL who I think will still be trying to scupper the deal because she really hates the house.). At the same time, my FiL has an inflated sense of what both of his houses are worth, and will be trying to ask too much. This will lead to both parties trying to get Mr. Ivriniel as their ally against the other side.

Mr. Ivriniel always ends up being the the one who has to try and smooth over differences, and it's horribly stressful for him. I told him to tell both groups that it is up to them to work out how they are going to do this, and leave him out of it, because family and business don't mix, but he doesn't think they will listen.

They probably won't.

I also suggested that they get an outside arbiter of some description to come up with a fair assessment of the house for them to work from. They're probably too cheap to do it, and will end up fighting as a result.


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