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A Sys Admin watches Scorpian - a live blog

So Mr Creme is a Senior Open Systems Admin which includes Linux, Unix, SAN, Security Systems, Network Auditing, Application Servers, and some Database Administration. He says he "even does a little Windows". I know he has at least one Red Hat cert and he's on of those computer nerds who likes to work on computers when he gets home from his job working with computers.

And I'm making him watch Scorpion because I like to laugh at his pain.

10:07 pm - I read him this article. He pours a large glass (like a water glass) of bourbon at the word "funcedural"


10:09 - He walks into the toddlers room for something. He comes out to inform me that she has stripped all her clothes and her diaper off in her sleep and is now "butt-ass naked". Avoid having children if you like to live blog things.

10:16 - We finally start the episode (seriously no children you guys). Mr says that he knows what story this is based on and it's totally not true.

10:18 - The MC Hacxor breaks up with his gf. Mr laughs and asks if this is actually supposed to be funny.


10:20 - After the chess scene "Of course like Immortals, those with autism can smell their own"

10:22 - the LAX upgrade plot "noooooooo, that's not how that works" <grumpy cat face>


10:26 - "No you roll back!" at more LAX software gobbility gook

10:28 - Lots of groaning and straining noises about the whole 'stable wi-fi' nonsense.


10:31 - talking about the corrupt sw vs the original sw"Oh my god, who the fuck wrote this?" me:are you okay? "NO, JIMMIES ARE RUSTLED. He really just talked about simply reinstalling the OS. I used to work for Geek Squad, and that's who they just called, a glorified 50,000 a head Geek Squad"

10:36 - now I'm pissed off about this bullshit autistic/genius correlation that they're trying to pull. Goddamn this is not helping anybody with autism right now.


10:40 - the brownout scene "DON'T." they enter the server room and pull out a HD "FUCK YOU. Servers are racked logically, except in my data center. Pulling that drive wouldn't have done shit btw. The raid array's would have keep the data, and would have still updated later on "

10:44 - okay, even I know that a car stereo door magnet can't erase a fucking HD. "It's cause he took it from a raid array and that scrambled the HD. This guy is a bad, BAD Geek Squad Agent"


10:45 - it's so great that McPhee is here to mother all these smart people :/

10:47 - the bug-free software in planes in the air bs "Yup, protocols, we have protocols."


10:49 - the car nonsense "this kid is gonna grow up to be failure"

10:51 - "technically true, but no one has a analog phone anymore"

10:53 - omg, so many groans and pained faces every time they lie lie lie with their techno garble


10:54 - "you have to plug into all sorts of shit, goddamnit. Not everything is wireless and bluetooth. Also email doesn't work like that, I've been having this problem with them the entire time."

10:55 - the plane "Are you kidding me, this is how their going to do this?!?" and then lots of moans and groans during the ridiculousness of PLUGGING INTO A MOVING PLANE.


10:59 - oh lord at the whole translation scene "I can translate for this show BULLSHIT"

11:01 - he recognizes one of his own "I WAS RIGHT"

In summation - "I need to go watch The Core for it's scientific accuracy now, because obviously the world is fucking upside down. And i just have to know how this point to point fucking email system works. I mean, surely there are some explanations for that, but trust me some Sys Admin at that airport or at the FAA even during the emergency is going to go 'who's this Walter fucker? SPAM'. Also it took that long to download over the wire, but it synced with control instantly...wtf is up with that. and lets count back a little bit, the best job that Walter can get is installed routers and shit, surely if you're a named hacker you'll have fame in the security world and be able to get a consultant job software. And why was the mathematician and mech engineer slumming with them? Why do they look to Walter for leadership because he seems like an anti-social dick?"


so you didn't like it?

"That was fucking god-awful, and that's coming from someone who loved The Core. This tried to take itself seriously and then gave us a social message about geniuses and autism/spectrum....get fucked. It was terrible, would not recommend."


bwahahahaha, it was completely awful. all "" are the Mr and all lowercase is my commentary

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