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A tad random

I saw the latest Captain America over the weekend a

Chris Evans is hot. I realise this may be a well duh moment for many, but he hadn’t really been on my radar before, and is not the type I usually crush on. So looking for entertaining gifs and good fanfic recs.

Most of the recommended stuff seems to be M/m fanfic and I have a limited tolerance for that- can manage some but they have to be very good. I have a limited tolerance for fanfic In general and a limited tolerance for m/m romance in general and the two combined result in very picky reading standards. This leads to whole rabbit hole of why I have limited tolerance and I think it boils down to straight women writing about gay relationships without necessarily having any awareness of them. I have similar (if not stronger) issues with men writing lesbian romances or a white person trying to write about black lives. Not to say it can’t be done (writing is about imagining others’ lives) but that to do it accurately and well is going to be difficult. I have similar issues with Jane Austern or pride and prejudice fanfic- just no.


So yep- musing on the face Chris Evans pushes my buttons and much of fanfic does not.

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