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A tale of renovations and cats.

So the contractor came today to start work on our bathroom floor. At the end of the day, we had a hole in the bathroom floor, and the door was off the hinges so they could get our clawfoot tub out of the room.

Within an hour of them leaving, we heard a strange *thump* in the kitchen directly below the bathroom. I ran up stairs to see what was happening, and saw the cat down in the hole.

The moment the cat saw me, he turned and ran into under the floor. I ran back downstairs grabbed a bag of treats, and kneeled beside the hole, shaking the bag and calling his name, while Mr. Ivriniel went looking for a flashlight.


Eventually the cat came back, and got locked in a bedroom until we got the bathroom door propped up in front of the doorway.

Ah cats. If there's a hole, they'll crawl in it.

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