I was thinking today about two fears I’ve had since childhood - kind of weird fears. One is kind of adaptive, the other one is decidedly not!

The first fear is a fear of taking out the garbage at night. I think it was one of my tasks as a child - but it scared me. We lived in a pretty quiet neighborhood, the big garbage cans were just at the side of our house, but I was scared of taking the trash out. Now, I live in a big city and it’s probably not a bad idea that I am afraid to take the trash out at night - it’s probably safer that way.

My other fear is rooted in a myth told to me by some of my childhood neighbors. There was a Filipino family that lived down the street - very catholic. The older girls told me about bloody mary (I was somewhere between 4-7 at the time). You go into a bathroom, turn out the lights, say her name to the mirror three times, and she appears in the mirror and slashes your face.

I’m still pretty afraid of that. I hate dark bathrooms - just hate them. At work, I have to make certain every time I leave the bathroom to not accidentally turn the light off before I get the door open, otherwise it makes me a bit nervous. And that’s harder than it seems because the lock is tricky! The other day, I mistimed it, and turned off the light before I got the door open, and I was so nervous, I closed my eyes! As though Bloody Mary would spare me with my eyes closed!

Does anyone else have any lingering childhood fears?