In Canada a Indigenous Leader wants to save native languages from going extinct.

In the US Tenn. to be exact a state law is being passed allowing coding language to substitute for a foreign language.…

Written and oral languages define who we are. Computer language which changes rapidly and are nothing more then a set of instructions to a computer to process information or other stuff.. I recall circa 1985 in college learning Cobol and Fortran two extinct coding languages (I think).


Its far more important to learn a foreign language to expand on who we can interact with then learning how to interact with a machine.

But then I would require a year of Latin to better understand our own language and other European languages.


I suspect in Tenn its all about not wanting their kids to srudy Spanish so they can remain as close minded as their republican parents. Although I am fine if students want to learn an other language since it will expand their knowledge and dealings with other folks even if they never use it.