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A Tale Of Two Shoppers A Tale Of Smell And Taste A Tale Of Good Buys Too

We went to just one grocery store the one with the cafeteria.

My mother went in line with her stuff. Including a blueberry rhubarb pie on clearance. Which I did not know about. She also got milk and a few other things. When all of a sudden there was a smell the grocer in front of her passed gas. I heard about this because she told me.

Now you ask where were you? Well as soon as we got to the grocery store. I got a cart. I went to the dairy for a 16 ounce lowfat chocolate or coffee milk. I could not decide which. When I saw on clearance a 1% Lowfat Chocolate Milk for $.99. The 16 oz ones were also 16. What I bught had an expiration date of May 5 but I am positive it will be gone tomorrow.


So I was going to get a slice of pepperoni pizza. It was 1/4th of a 19 inch pizza for $2.99 but went to bakery first. I saw it. An 8 inch cake with three layers. It was $10.50 down to $2.60. I got the cake not the pizza.

The cake had cream cheese spread on top. A vanilla layer, frosting, vanilla layer. I went to the cafeteria paid and got a cup and paper plate. So I found a table with a newspaper on it. I took the newspaper and went to a table closer to view the tv which had CNN on. Sadly closed captioning only the sound is off.

So I walked off to the counter for a plastic knife and fork. Read the newspaper, cut a slice of cake and poured chocolate milk into the cup.

So to answer your question where was I? Eating a delicious cake and drinking chocolate milk plus reading the newspaper.. My mother came over sharing the smelly check outline story and ate some cake and drank some chocolate milk. Plus she read the newspaper.


Upside this Tale of Two Shoppers involved no revolution or beheading. Downside I suspect Charlie Dickens would have added more oomph to the story. Though mine is true Charlie’s was historical fiction.

Note: I left the newspaper because that’s what one does when one finds and reads a  free newspaper they leave it on the table.

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