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Welcome To The Bitchery

Inspired by VivaciousVicious's post about weekend visitors, I thought I would tell you about my weekend. A few weeks ago, my cousin Becky called to ask if she, her boyfriend I have never met, and his two friends could stay at my apartment for a night on their way to a concert. Knowing that most of her friends are of the illegal substance abusing, non-bathing, heavy drinking sort, I told her that there was just no way for them to stay at my apartment. I only have one bed, and my couch is still in two pieces since moving. She begged, and since I have always felt like an older sister to her, I offered her a room at the hotel where I work. She said they couldn't afford anything, and I graciously offered to pay for the room and tax after she said they would just sleep in their car in my apartment complex's parking lot. I have been trying to convince her to leave our lousy hometown for years, and hoped that showing her my workplace and lifestyle would sway her. I upgraded their room from a standard to a large hospitality suite, and got them breakfast vouchers for the restaurant in the morning.


The night they arrive, we check in and go upstairs to their room. They are not impressed with the (amazing!!) view and immediately pull out large bottles of whiskey and start taking shots. I don't drink. One of the friends is already belligerently drunk. The boys decide to go to the pool, and I see my cousin alone for about 15 minutes, during which she tells me her boyfriend made her quit her job. I try to explain that she's not better off unemployed, but she shrugs and says she now has more time with her daughter. She wants to join the boys at the pool, and I leave for the night.

We had agreed to meet for breakfast the next morning at 11am. I get to the hotel a few minutes early, and text her to let her know I'm at the restaurant. She says they are loading the car and will be down in a few minutes. 20 minutes later I text her again, she says it's taking longer than they thought. I tell her that the restaurant closes at noon. At 11:55, she says they will be down in "one minute." At 12:25, I tell her that the paperwork I promised her is at the front desk. At 1pm, I leave the hotel, having not seen or heard from her in an hour. I waited for them for TWO HOURS and they stood me up. No one said thank you for the room, and they didn't even have the decency to say bye to me before leaving.

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