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Welcome To The Bitchery
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A Talent I Enjoy Having.

Guys, I have a really weird talent. I'm really, really fucking good at dream interpretation.

No, I've never actually studied it. I've never read any of the books that list what certain things in dreams mean. No doubt they're very interesting, and maybe I'll get around to doing it some day, but right now I just like to ponder it for funsies.


It works best on things that are recurring dreams (my own most prominent recurring dream is probably going to be the reason my future therapist is going to be able to afford a home on the Mediterranean, let's be honest), and it works best if I know the person at least sort of well. But I think it's because I'm just really perceptive. I've been told many times I should have gone into psychiatry or psychotherapy because I'm freaky good at reading people. Course, this has also caused me to end relationships where I stopped being the girlfriend and started being the free therapist. No thanks!

Anyways, this came up because I was doing it to Mr. Raptor last night and at one point he just started making faces at me and was like "GOODNIGHT."


Apparently, I struck a nerve.

Whoops! Anyone else do this? Am I a Special Snowflake? I mean, my Mother tells me I am, but sometimes I'm pretty sure she's full of it ;)

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