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a thing about physical contact

I don’t like it. Especially with people I don’t know that well, or like very much, and especially if I’ve given clear indication that I’m trying to avoid it. Unless you’re my SO or we are family (CLOSE FAMILY) fuck off, plz, basically....

I don’t mean handshakes, those are fine, I mean touching my arm, or my elbow, or my back or shoulders, or anywhere else.

It’s not usually an issue but today at work we had an auditor looking at our operation and he asked me to pull something up on his company’s website. We were standing in front of the computer because there aren’t any chairs in front of this particular computer. The page was loading and I felt like he was standing too close so I took a step away, not like an, “Oh, don’t mind me, I’m just shifting my weight!” kinda step but a deliberate HA, hey, look at how close you are to me, BYE. Kinda step.


My body language must’ve been ambiguous because this motherfucker reaches his arm out and puts his hand on my back, just under my shoulders. I mean, whatever. It just blows my mind that reaction #1 to someone actively avoiding your touch is to touch that person.

My face, in that moment (jk it’s my cat’s face):

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