DGAF: Water witching/dowsing. I do think there's something to it (don't ask me what, as I said, I really dgaf) and someday some scientist will look at her data and say "wait a minute, lets look at whether ideomotion works this way too..." or whatever the hell. (Yes, I know, in diametric opposition to the current data and Science at hand.)

So, Aunt K, why in the everloving fuck did you post anything that could be remotely construed as magical thinking on a mp article?

Because while I may not GAF about dowsing, the thing I apparently do GAF about? Being called ignorant, "retarded," being advised not to reproduce (whoops, don't look now commenter that got dismissed, one of my offspring is currently learning to run nuke reactors, my bad if something goes wrong, the other is about to become an English teacher, and the third has her sights on mining engineering) and now, that I'm undermining science.... Science, even. And goddammit, I'm still replying a full day later about something I sincerely don't really care about.

PLEASE tell me I'm not the only one who does this shit?!

ETA: Don't worry, y'all, I don't think dowsers have mystical powers, I agree that there's not only no science to back the dowser's claims but there's not ever likely going to be, etc.