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Welcome To The Bitchery
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A thing I sometimes hate

As few people know, because they shouldn't, my [REDACTED] is [REDACTED]. This means I have to be extra careful about my online presence. Even though I user a burner account here, I can't vent freely — even close to freely — because nothing online is anonymous at the end of the day. I have an IP. This could fairly easily be tracked back to me.

When [REDACTED] first [REDACTED] I got all sorts of warnings on this subject. Later, when [REDACTED], those warnings were redoubled. [REDACTED] has no idea I've become as active as I have on FB and here. In the grand scheme, I'm not really that active, and I'm careful about revealing my location at any given time. Nonetheless, [REDACTED] would throw an absolute shitfit if s/he knew.


This is especially aggravating when there's an uptick in the [REDACTED] annoyance factor. Like now, for example, in the wake of another pissy phone interaction. Oh, I vent to my closest friends, and I have for years. That's really important. In fact, I don't really understand the internal pressure I sometimes feel to vent online. Perhaps it's simply because GT is clearly such a supportive environment. If I did vent, I have no doubt that many of you would chime in with stories from your own lives. Maybe the fact that they would be stories new to me is what is so attractive. I already know all my closest friends' stories.

Well, thank you all for listening. I'm sorry about that pesky [REDACTED].

ETA: Another, unrelated thing that is annoying me is having to fill out this whole asinine online health survey thing for my work insurance. This means that I have a blinking red "Health Risk" notification reflecting that I have clocked in at 0.3 lbs over the line into the BMI's Overweight category. There is so much wrong with that.

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