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A thought, for shits n giggles

I am haaating how the media is covering this latest mass shooting. It’s appalling. It’s atrocious. It’s like watching carrion picking at scraps, fighting with each other in a dump. I did have a lovely idea, though. One that truly brings me joy.

If only someone had been there, in this apartment, with all of these live feeds and realized what was truly happening. If only that someone had been there, and been so appalled, they had taken it upon themselves to stop it. If only that someone stood in the middle of that apartment and started shouting obscenities at the tops of their lungs. If only that someone had let loose a string of “motherfucking cocksucking cunts” that would make David Milch proud.


The news organizations would be forced to cut away. They would be forced to stop what they were doing, in ransacking a recently-released crime scene. And whatever they did air, the FCC would fine them for, and deservedly so.


Next time, I guess.

(Deadwood really is a masterpiece. All the cussin’ that you stop noticing because the poetry is so stunning. And sexy, reluctant hero Olyphant. I really should rewatch that one.)

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