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A thought on Sexual Exploitation? (Maybe? Is that the right term?)

So I was just looking at the dirt bag picture*** of the Fifty Shades of Grey actors, and then I saw someone's comment about how it's the sheriff from Once Upon a Time, and my first thought was "Aw hell no! Why would he ever shave off his beard? He is't nearly as attractive without that beard!"


At which point I realized that I was doing the exact same thing I condemn in men when they gripe about JLaw cutting her hair (for example). Like, it's not about what I think is hot. He's not making his choices for me. Or is he? As an actor that trades on his sex appeal, does he do just that? And if that's the case, isn't that true for actresses as well? Questions, questions.

***I don't know how to insert a picture url (not a file) with this new kinja format?

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