Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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So, yeah. You can come here if you want to freely admit your abiding love for garbage celebrity based entertainment.

The questions I want answered are as follows:

1: What exactly is “thoughtful” about a private Kenny G performance in the middle of an unfurnished room filled wall to wall with individual vases each holding a single long stem rose?


2. Isn’t Kanye widely rumored to be not financially solvent? This is not a wise investment, Kanye!

3. Is the reason why they don’t have any furniture because they can’t resist spending money they don’t have on private Kenny G performances and lacklustre floral arrangements?

4. Does Kim like Kenny G?

5. How did Kenny G feel about getting bricked up behind a wall of vases?

6. What does one do with that quantity of nondescript glass vases after bricking Kenny G up behind them?


7. Am I overthinking all of this? (Yes. Yes, I am)

Buzzfeed did an article that also really like, gets me...?


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