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Welcome To The Bitchery
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A TMI post about fertility related stuff.

Mr I and I have been trying to conceive for a while.

I am currently 14 days post ovulation. Expecting my period any time. So this afternoon, it kind of felt like it had started, so I went to the lady's room. No blood, but a large quantity of thick, clear mucus. Which is odd for me at this point in my cycle.


Anyways, I get home and the end of the day, and there was more clear mucus, this time tinged with a tiny amount of dark blood. That was two hours ago, and there hasn't been any blood since. Which is also weird for me. Usually, the floodgates open.

Also, I've had a bit of cramping, which I don't normally get with my period.

So, I'm sitting here torturing myself, wondering if I am pregnant. 14 days seems to be later than average for implantation bleeding, but not impossible from what I have read. I can go by the fertility clinic early tomorrow if my period hasn't begun in earnest, for a pregnancy blood test, but I don't really want to get up early for that unless I really have to. Besides, if I am not pregnant I will need to go for day 3 bloodwork on Friday. I'd like to spare my good vein a while longer if I can.


So I decided to go out and get a pee on a stick. If my period doesn't seem to move along before I I need to pee again, I am going to take it.

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