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A Transparent Excuse to Post all Your Favorite Songs from Crazy Ex-Girl Friend Season 1

Because the trailer for season 2 is here!


If, like me, you initially had a hard time getting into the show because of the cringe factor in the early episodes, than I recommend starting with the music videos on YouTube. Because they are awesome. (And also the cringe humor lessens somewhat as the season goes on.)


Here are a few gems to start with:

“Settle for Me” This is the pitch perfect Ginger Rodgers and Fred Astaire parody that you never knew you needed.

Sample Lyric: “Sugar jugs, I’m so bereft, demeaning terms are all that I have left of my masculinity, so settle for me”

“Heavy Boobs” My anthem.

Sample Lyric: “Not bitchin’ bout my boobies, they look superfly in shirts
But if I swung them in your face, you’d be like, “Oh my God, that hurts!”

“Oh My God I Think I Like You” One of my favorites from the season: totally weird and sweet and also fairly NSFW.


Sample Lyric: “You’ve been tearing me up for a week and a half,I don’t mean, like, in my heart. I mean, physically, you’ve been tearin’ me up, It’s D-Day in my lady parts.”

“Dream Ghost” Featuring Michael Hyatt, Amber Riley and Ricki Lake. It’s just...it starts in place and ends up somewhere different. And its catchy as hell.


Sample Lyric: “You know the trope, In storytelling, it’s a norm, when a person’s in trouble a manifestation of their subconscious appears in the form of a, DREAM GHOST”

There are SO many other good ones. Which are your favorites?


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