Well, there goes that.

As much as I tried to save Littlefinger and I's relationship, it was to no avail.

Addiction impacts so many people- just not those suffering from the affliction. In the end, Littlefinger chose drugs and himself over us. His claims of love aren't enough to make me stay. In turn, being around him wasn't the healthiest for me, either. I had distanced myself, because he was actively using. I begged him to get help. He refused. I suppose he won't, until he hits rock bottom. Until then, he has mountains of cocaine to do, with his basic ex-girlfriend. She inserted herself into our relationship since day one. Littlefinger and her's relationship is one based on drug use, enabling, and dependence, but of course they don't see it that way.

Even though I am studying how to treat those suffering from this tribulation, I couldn't save the man I loved from himself.

A hard lesson to learn, but one to learn none-the-less.

Littlefinger likes to style himself as an Emperor of sorts. Yet he forgets that many an Emperor had their future shattered by a flash of steel in the dark.

I want the world, all Littlefinger could have offered me was a pile of dirt.

At least now I have the waters of OKC to look forward to.