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Christmas, to me, is binge watching Harry Potter movies. (By the way, Amazon’s Christmas Day digital sale has all the movies in HD for $5.99 each, today only.) Anywho, I am a huge HP fan who prefers the books to the movies, hands down. But the movies are fun to watch at Christmas.

This got me to thinking: What are the differences between the movies and the books that totally piss you off? I mean, other than the whole DID YOU PUT YOUR NAME IN THE GOBLET OF FIRE fiasco, which everyone agrees was terrible.

I’ll start. Although I love Hermione so much, it pisses me off that she steals lots of Ron’s book lines in the movie versions. Movie Ron becomes more of the comedic sidekick rather than the loyal friend he was. Neither Hermione nor Harry knew anything about the wizarding world, having grown up with muggles. Ron was the one, throughout all the books, who shared the knowledge of the wizarding world. This is what made these three characters the perfect friendship trio. Hermione was the brilliant one, Ron was the one with common sense who knew how things really worked, and Harry was the balls-to-the-walls courageous one who was out to settle things one way or another. By turning movie Hermione into the “explainer” who fulfills both book Ron and book Hermione’s roles, there is nothing left for movie Ron than to be the third wheel.

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