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Fat caterpillar has landed in the land of Down Undah, but there is still much unpacking to be done. In the meantime, and because Mr Caterpillar is like, the sweetest pushover on earth, we got a CAT!!! Mr Caterpillar and I have a baby Cat-erpillar!!!! Except he's not a baby, he's almost 8, and he's probably the sweetest cat that has ever existed. We walked into his little pen at the shelter and he jumped down to the bench near us and literally head-butted is for scritches. He is a lover. And he's willing to fight for it.

So I guess that means I need to get my shit put away, and quick, because I seriously doubt Baby Cat-erpillar is going to sleep in his own "room" (we made up the spare bathroom into a little man-cat cave temporarily, while we get the house cat-proofed) for more than one night.


Anyway, there are heaps of other things going on in Fat Caterpillar land, not least of which is that I seem to be getting back down to a healthy weight, probably because my diet consists almost entirely of zucchini and not popcorn and Fruit by the Foot.

I love you, GT. And now, meet Bluey:

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