Thank you everyone again for your kind words! I'm happy to report that Eliot is doing much, much better now - back to his regular whiny self. He might have eaten something funny, cause he threw up a couple times, but we're not sure. Jeez it was scary to see him sick like that though - we were all kind of expecting to wake up the next morning and find that he'd passed away in the night.

I'm sorry I didn't get to replying to each of you personally; please know that it means so much to have GT's support for things like this (as well as all the less and more serious things).

Here are a couple pictures of Eliot feeling alright:

You guys, I'm worried my cat might be dying of old age right now. He's 17. After supper he went into the bathroom and layed down on his side. I didn't think too much of it, but then I picked him up (he likes to be carried like a baby) and carried him downstairs to watch tv with us (like he normally does) but he doesn't want to be on anyone's lap. He walked funnily (back legs looking weak and a little wobbly) to a little spot under the bookshelf hiding behind a picture that's leaning up against it and just doesn't look well. We've been expecting it for a while, but jeez it's really sad. I didn't think it would happen while I was here. He could just be feeling really sick and get better all of a sudden, but he's never behaved like this before, so I don't know. But he's definitely not doing very well.


ETA: Eliot is doing a bit better. He walked over to his favourite chair (which has a comforter on it that's all soft and cozy for him), and I picked him up and put him in it. He was still walking kind of funny, but he's sleeping normally now, all curled up, and his breathing is deeper and more regular. We'll see how he's doing in the morning.

This is the first time I've seen my dad cry a little bit in years. Eliot lives with my parents (he stayed after I moved out) and both my dad and Eliot love sitting together in the recliner downstairs, Eliot sleeping in his lap while my dad works on his photography.


Thank you everyone for your kind responses - it's amazing how much support from GT helps when things are rough. I'll try to respond to everyone personally in the morning - it's sad but somewhat comforting to know that others empathize.