Set in England during the Napoleonic Wars, the story begins with Mr. Norrell re-introducing magic to the British Isles for the first time in 300 years. Ever since the death of the Raven King, magic has been lost....I will leave it those who share my delight at this book becoming a BBC series to decide what is and isn’t a spoiler. The cast is terrific and inclludes one of my favorite villains,Marc Warren , aka Mr. Teatime (pronounced tee-ah-tim-ay) as the Man with Thistle Down Hair. Ariyon Bakare plays Mr. Black, too sexy by half to be a butler.. Lord Wellington is played by Ronan Vibert, again too hot for such a small role. The long and involved book has been made into a seven part series. I have my fingers crossed for season 2.


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I’m in love with the special effects.