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Welcome To The Bitchery
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A Ways to Pass the Time Resources Post

For those of you who are planning on self-isolating for a while, it seems like it might be useful to share any ideas we have on how we plan to keep busy—besides writing something as epic and impactful as King Lear, of course*. It would be cool to hear how you’re all thinking of spending your time, and maybe we’ll even inspire each other to try new/different things.

For me, even though binge watching and reading are certainly on my list, there’s a limit to how long my brain can do those things. So I’m also hoping to:

Slowly, thoroughly clean the house
Practice and improve my Spanish
Get back into a regular yoga routine
Take YouTube dance lessons (merengue and belly dancing both intrigue me)
Do the puzzles that I’ve had since last summer
Check out the virtual tours that these museums offer 


Please share your plans and ideas! 

*For anybody who missed today’s Twitter-ing

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