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A Wedding Approacheth

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Do you guys love my cake or what! Isn't it great? I hope it holds up until the big day.


I have the most terrifying maid of honor that walks this earth. She's done it twice already (same bride - her sister remarried) and is one of my very best friends in the whole world, and I had no IDEA that she would turn into MOH-zilla. It is cracking me up. I hired her essentially because my sister has an infant and it would be tough for sis to break up any McCoy's Mom vs. McCoy drama (she'd be too busy taking Mom's side OK THAT'S A TOPIC FOR ANOTHER DAY), and she has planned a bachelorette weekend, a bridal shower, made hair appointments, picked my hairstyle, and, when I do not agree on something or move quickly enough, had her mother call me and convince me. They're like a tiny, gorgeous pair of mafiosi who will not accept bridal complacency or lack of veil.

Putting a dress fitting pic in the comments. I need to dig up the pics from last year, when I was too skinny for it - thank goodness it fits correctly now. I might get it cinched a little depending on my weight leading up to it. (Tends to fluctuate.)


Sadly the relationship at the center of things really gets neglected - there is so much family interaction, which we're normally averse to, and money stress (you should have seen his mug when I came in from the mall yesterday), and planning. The latter largely falls on me and is unseen by him and stresses me out more than I think I realize. There are things like worrying about your arms looking flabby and being sad your friend Mary lives in Greece and can't come that you have to push aside. I need to talk to Groom today whenever he wakes up. He is probably stalling/terrified.

Ugh thanks for reading or skimming this, it sounds so dumb. I'm just all over the place. I do enjoy making up gift bags and bridesmaids' gifts. I picked out books for all the guests and I made "Luluboxes" for my girlfriends. Hee hee hee MAKEUP.

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