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A wedding question

My mother told me her friend is upset not because her son is gettng married but over invitations.

My mother: (friend) is upset about wedding invitations. You will never believe what he and his fiancée did.


Me thinking please for gods sake tell me we did not get one.

Me: We got one?

Mother: No. He and his fiancée announced their wedding on the invitations

Me thinking so. They are getting married.

Me: So.

My mother: No it should have been Mr and Mrs X And Mr and Mrs Y Proudly Announce The Wedding of Son and Fiancée.


Me: So. What difference does it make.

My mother: Its been done that way for at least decades..

Me thinking really what difference does this make. Can I just watch tv.

Me: Oh.

My mother: Well then they should not expect any help from.their parents.

Me: I don’t get it.

My mother: They are announcing it themselves which should mean all parents are off the hook. Plus my friend is hurt. My friend said it was a new trend announcing it yourself. (she shook her head in disgust).


Me: Oh. That’s awful what her son and fiancée did. Want to watch Major Crimes OnDemand.

My mother: It sure is awful. You got that right. Yes after I make a call.

Is this a new trend? I never knew parents are suppose to make the announcement except in newspapers. It seems to be much ado about nothing.


Since son and fiancée are sending the invites they can write what they want.

Anyone explain.

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