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A weird observation on Doctor Who

I have been watching a ton of Doctor Who these days, and I realized that I like the old shows a lot better than NuWho.

It's not exactly nostalgia; except for a brief period where I watched Four, i was never into the show as a kid. But I find the pacing of the half-hour episodes much more entertaining than the bloated new ones. I find the companions more loveable. I even forgive the cheap FX.


I also, strangely, find it more mature. in general I find NuWho to be like several other attempts to make material originally aimed at kids more "grownup": full of winking jokes and smug sexuality. The old ones, by contrast, are clearly for kids but they don't talk down to them.

I've made this analogy before, but for me NuWho (especially DOTD) is like the Trek reboot: fun and shiny, but the best parts just make you want to watch the original.

Am I alone here?

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