Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

A whinge and whine

Dr. Sechmeth has had her first teaching experience, aka explaining digestion to real human students, after Boss A asked me to do it. The hour before me, Dr. Boss B was teaching. I work for him on a short project, and I really like to keep working for him on the long run, and I want to impress him.
The students asked him something, which he had no explanation (stuff outside his field, or he did not want to answer, I do not know), and I tried to explain it to them. Well...the first thing that I said was....a brain fart. It just was not right. Dr. Boss B left, and my brain, how nice, told me the correct answer, and I corrected myself immediately. Now I am sitting here in my office, trying to concentrate on my project, and all I want is bang my head against the table. I made a fool of myself. I think.
Boss A was happy, said no worries, all good, and I will be planned in for next year’s round, too.
I will see Boss B again in...about 8 days. I will be dead by then. Died by shame. I have nobody to talk me down atm, because a) Sobek took a flight to Europe a few days ago, and b) I am temporarily in exile because my office space in the lab is currently under construction.


Why is human contact adulting so hard? Can I go back to water my plants in Stardew Valley? For the next month or so?


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