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Thanks for all the advice, guys and gals. I guess you really can't predict how things will turn out!

BT (I reallllly need to figure out a better nickname) and I went out last night to one of my favorite dive bars, he got a little tipsy, I drove home, and then we proceeded to get drunk and watch old episodes of Daria, and half of one of my favorite shitty movies, "The Mating Habits of the Earthbound Human." Seriously, see that movie, it's hilarious.

Anyway, he ended up spending the night, and we were up til 5 AM talking and stuff. He mentioned he wants to deactivate his OKC profile, but didn't want to weird me out. We talked about what we were looking for at first (not a relationship, just some fun), and how things are kind of turning out totally different than what we both expected. He really likes me, and this surprised and kind of scared him. But he was super relieved when I revealed I feel the same way.

So, I basically told him I don't like trying to force things into a definition, and I'm cool with just seeing where this goes. He agreed. Then we passed out and got up this morning and went and got hangover food.

So...I guess I'm kind of in that weird pseudo-relationship phase where we aren't seeing anyone else, but not really defining it as a Relationship. Which I guess is pretty good for me.


So I disabled my OKC profile, and I finally got to check the box that says "I met somebody on OKC!" instead of writing in the comments that I can't handle the BS anymore.

I'm also a little hungover and I have so much homework. :(

How's everyone else doing today?