I have a win for today, do you? If so, please share. Happy Saturday!!!




Today was a good day. I woke up, went to yoga, tried to make babies, went out to lunch, ate a bomb salad, cleaned a bit. More than anything, though, I feel here and present. Food tastes like food and wow music! I’m listening to it on purpose and I love it. My combo of meds is truly working and it’s.. something awesome.

Life isn’t a trial to live through and for that, I thank medication.

Also been really open with Mr. Carbs and that really helps. I said, out loud, today that I may need an SSRI/benzo combo for a long time and that’s ok. I deserve it.


Thanks, GT, for being........ wow. Something awesome, fierce, a place for distilled awesomeness and kindness. I was truly not in a good place. And you nonjudgmental and lovingly guided me.

Just..... HUGS, fam.