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A Woman Already Made NCAA Basketball History Six Years Ago

A handful of news articles and an ESPN commercial have been inaccurately bragging that today's NCAA basketball game could "make history." The Duke men's basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski is heading towards his 1000th win, leading some journalists to report that he has the most wins in NCAA Basketball.

That's nowhere near true. Pat Summitt already made NCAA basketball history in February 2009 when she became the first NCAA basketball coach ever to hit her 1000th win. She ended her career at 1098 wins. Where have I seen this bullshit happen before?


You'd think even ESPN could get that fact right, especially given what the "S" stands for, but you'd be wrong. Is the network really that dense?

Not only does Summitt have twice as many NCAA championships as Krzyzewski, she's also the first American to win separate Olympic medals for playing and coaching. Krzyzewski only got medals for coaching. Similar to Lou Gehrig, Summitt was forced to retire when she got a life-threatening diagnosis.


Krzyzewski remains behind two other male basketball coaches for winning 1000 games. McKendree University's Harry Statham hit his 1000th win in November 2009, and Oregon Tech's Danny Miles got his 1000th win a year ago. Summitt still has more wins than Statham and Miles.

Summitt still holds the most all-time wins for a coach in NCAA basketball history of either a men's or women's team in any division. If Krzyzewski wins today, he'll still not be the NCAA basketball coach with the most wins. However, he will be the winningest coach for NCAA Division 1 men's basketball.


I'm being pedantic about specific NCAA Divisions and the omission of the word "men's" because not only is a female coach ignored but an entire section of sports is being completely disregarded by journalists whose entire career requires knowing such facts.

While Duke will be tested by the 12-5 Red Storm, it's likely that Krzyzewski will pick up his 1,000th win in Midtown Manhattan this weekend. He will become the first Division I coach to reach that number and join Harry Statham of McKendree and Oregon Tech's Danny Miles as the only coaches to record 1,000 victories in their career.

Though Statham and Miles have posted more wins over their coaching careers, Coach K is NCAA Division I's most-winningest coach, leading Syracuse's Jim Boeheim and now-retired iconic head coach Bob Knight by more than 40 victories.


Emphasis mine on the factually incorrect statements.

I don't have a problem with the creepy worship of Krzyzewski, but empirically, he is not the best coach in the NCAA in terms of wins or even his own gender. Yet there are articles that read as though Coach Summitt literally never existed. (Hey, Cormac Gordon? The reason no other NCAA basketball coach is "on the horizon," isn't because Krzyzewski is so good but because the best NCAA basketball coach already retired.)


If Krzyzewski's wins today, that game will make history in the Division 1 of NCAA men's basketball. Nothing else. Media outlets should report on that.

But advertent and inadvertent misogyny rears its ugly head once again when one woman's numerical career achievements get tossed aside in favor of inaccurately ascribing superlative titles to one man.


UPDATE: Fox Sports just showcased the NCAA Division 1's winningest coaches without a single mention of Coach Summitt. Wow.

Same shit. Different day.

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