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She works at an extremely conservative religious college so I'm not surprised, but she's just so… SMUG about being better than those who aren't super Christian and I hate it, ugh. Like we were talking once about student discipline in higher ed, and she told me that she can suspend students for missing church too much one semester, and isn't that great and shouldn't we all do it because it helps everyone be a good person by going to church! I guess at that point in time I was a very stealthy atheist Jew so she thought I was Christian and would agree with her?? Usually I can hold myself back when people say dumb things about religion, but that time I just let her have it. "Well, you're the only one here who works for a religious college so actually that would be a really fucking dumb thing for the rest of us to do since we'll all get sued. Many of our students have found the time to attend religious services or participate in secular activities to better themselves without the threat of suspension hanging over their heads."


Also, I was surprised/disappointed in Buzzfeed for letting an account called PersonhoodUSA author a post (yes i know it was a community post not a Buzzfeed one). Their long form pieces are usually pretty progressive and all of the other community posts I've seen have been either politically neutral or progressive.

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