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A woman was murdered. Men still try the "women have it worse in other countries" excuse.

This is the article I saw it on. It’s a heartbreaking story about a girl who was murdered by her boyfriend because the penalty for aborting is worse than the penalty for murdering a woman.

If Martínez had not attacked Peguero, but had instead been found to have helped her get an abortion, he would have been the one to face a harsher sentence. The logic of Dominican law made it seem a better idea for him to kill his girlfriend, and remove any trace of her altogether. After all, who would go looking for a poor missing girl? According to local reports, while the police were searching for Peguero’s body they found two other dead girls, both aged 18.


Apparently many people in the Dominican Republic are trying to say the murderer’s mother is more at fault. Even though it was the man’s choice to kill someone. Men are just never guilt of anything, of course.

So that’s a horrifying read. And then I get to the comments...why I do that to myself, I know. Most people there were claiming that this isn’t the fault of draconian abortions laws. Also they apparently knew what this woman wanted because she “chose to keep the baby.” In a country where abortion is criminalized. And the drugs to induce are incredibly hard to get and likely expensive. Clearly, the facebook population is far more worried about women having bodily autonomy than they are about the femicide taking place.


Then I saw this one (and for the record I’m pretty sure that guy is a russian troll, but still) -

Illustration for article titled A woman was murdered. Men still try the women have it worse in other countries excuse.

“Worse thing than this happen to women every day”

She was murdered.

But oh, it must not be serious because the murderer is only looking at 10 years in prison ... ... ...


And insert some likely bullshit about women in afghanistan because if we can’t make this about hating a religion I want people to hate, then who cares if women die.

I added the image because I thought it was a perfect example of the bullshit men (and some women) try when women are raped or murdered by men. Clearly there’s no crime that the “women in other countries have it worse”-group won’t try to deflect and minimize.

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