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A Word For You

So much good stuff has happened to me since my Big Move, that it is simultaneously overwhelming and nothing. I can breathe for the first time in memory, and it feels utterly unusual and strange and calming and like maybe an alien being has overtaken my body and no one’s figured it out yet so I’ll just go on pretending nothing’s different, don’t look over here, keep smiling and nodding and they’ll never know.

So to give back some of this goodness, I give you this: A Word. I will give you a word if you ask me a question. I don’t know if I can answer your question in one word, or even answer your question at all, but I will give you A Word. Just one. That’s all. Ask me a question, and I will give you the very best word I can give you at that time. Maybe all your problems will be solved, but no guarantees, no refunds, and no extra words.


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