Let's all be honest here for a second—Groupthink is the best thing ever, yes? Yes. Of course.

I enjoy it so much. I enjoy YOU. You guys and your stories and your insights and your jokes and your gifs and your links and your stories about your babies and parents and cats. SO MUCH AWESOME.

I just thought I might offer a word on posting. If I were to make a few suggestions, they should in no way be meant to be taken as shaming or criticizing, because I'm not. They are mostly just some things to help people like me, who maybe can't follow everything, follow what you are talking about.

  • If you are referring to an article, please for the love of control top pantyhose, link me to it. I can Google all I want, I'm not going to find "that stupid fucking bullshit article on that jerkface politician guy" that you are so angry about. And I want to find it easily, so I can devote my time to fist-bumping your awesome take on the whole thing.
  • If you want to talk about a comment you left that was awesome, link me to the comment. Especially for you greys on Jez who feel like you are posting good stuff that's getting lost in a sea of greys. Just posting "OMG my comment reply to that jerk in the Lena Dunham post was so perfect" won't help me find it and give you some love. I will totally reply/bump that shit up if I can. Make it easy for us to help you, because there is a lot of good stuff that's getting ignored while shitty crap is at the top of threads. That shouldn't be, man.
  • I would say if you're talking about a band/song/movie/etc. send a little bit of media my way (youtube clip?), so I can see why you love them so much. However, I do know sometimes it's impossible with work restrictions/technology to do shit like that. But if you can, please do. My music interests stopped in 1991, so it would be nice to know if there's music beyond Ugly Kid Joe these days.
  • Re: Trolls- We've had some really good talks about this. But one thing I'm pretty firm us on is never, ever mentioning a commenter's name/handle when you want to 'call them out.' Look, if you want to get on GT and RANT about how fucking awful the shitty comments on some article are, go for it! Want to talk about a comment that enraged you? Do it!! That stuff is awesome, obviously. But posts like "Commenter123 is a troll/dick/psycho' are not cool. This is not high school, We don't need to sink to that level. Plus, trolls love it when you make posts about them, OK? You're not helping, even if you really do think a troll is problematic. If you think an account is bad, report it to the right channels. That's just my opinion, but I feel pretty strong about this.
  • I'd like to add in here something about having more pictures of Daniel Craig. You guys know he lurks here and it worries me that we don't show him enough support sometimes.


Again, not criticizing or nitpicking. Just want to make sure I can do as much as possible to help support your causes, appreciate your music/art/TV, high-five your brilliant replies and generally show support and enthusiasm for all the things you get excited about.