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Welcome To The Bitchery
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AAA is awesome

My car has been sputtering as I try to start it the past few days and I wasn’t surprised when it wouldn’t start this morning. I have a AAA membership so I called and asked for battery service. Between calling and getting a new battery installed it took less than an hour. Seriously, if you drive a shitty ass car and have bad luck with everything driving related get AAA! I wasn’t even late to work! They were able to tell me what the problem was within minutes and had a battery ready in the truck. What might have taken half a day was done almost instantly. The battery was a bit pricey ($109) which I’m assuming is because it’s a huge convenience plus it has a 6 year warranty. They do tons of other helpful stuff too, with my shit luck, it’s been so worth it. I think it’s $68 or something for the year, totally worth it if you drive at all ever.


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