Song as old as time, ya'll. Boy meets girl. Date is meh. Girl lets boy down. Boy sends girl dick pic as revenge/recon tactic.

You all helped me out yesterday when I was flustered over letting this guy down easy. We had a 'meh' date, I blurt 'sure!' when he asks whether I want to see him again even though I don't want to, I text him a few hours later to say "sorry, I got nervous and said yes, but I was feeling more of a friendly vibe rather than a romantic one with you and thought the feeling was mutual. Wanted to let you know before you invest more time/energy into me", etc. He takes it well, says he'd like a second chance, but seems to gracefully take the hint when I say no thanks. Sigh. The end.

Fast forward to today. I take a marathon 4-hour nap after work, and wake up to a full-frontal dick shot on my phone with the text "are you sure you won't reconsider?"

I feel nasty. Like, just let down and disrespected and naaasty. I was polite, up-front, honest, self-deprecating, and kind about letting him down—everything all dudes say they wish women would be in this situation. And this is what I get. I feel like taking a shower.

I am afraid that not responding will anger him and he'll send more pictures. I am afraid that responding with a firm plea to not contact me again will anger him and he'll send more pictures. I have an iPhone and cannot block his number.

What are my options here? If I tell him to stop and he does it again, does that have legal repercussions? This is straight-up gross.