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Aaaaaand, I'm Grey on the Main Page. Because Solidarity Really IS For White Women, Apparently (UPDATED)

Just discovered my comment on the #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen post is grey now. My longer comment summarizing what happened to precipitate the hashtag, isn't grey yet, but I'm sure it's just a matter of time.


I totally should have seen that coming though. I have been doing the most all damn day, but still....

Well, here's another great link on the story for those who wish to read it.

ETA: Okay, it's been ungreyed, but a few comments replying to the post prove that I did not in fact imagine this, and I am not delusional. At least not today. I think some people purposely tried to bump it back up again so thanks all you lovely ladies!

ETA #2: Between this post and the comment on the post, I have never had so many notifications in my life and I am drowning. But I'm glad. Because since the post went up, (and this one) I haven't had a single negative comment. I'm really genuinely thought that I would get banned for this since other people seem to have been banned for less, but so far it hasn't happened, and everyone actually seems to be in solidarity with my effort to speak out about this properly and I'm incredibly grateful. I feel like you ladies have my back, and I think that's EXACTLY what Mikki Kendall was asking for when she started the hashtag; the ability to be secure in the knowledge that WW were in solidarity with her as well, and didn't push her concerns aside. So thank you, sincerely, for sticking up for me, and encouraging me not to back down. If you really feel like getting more involved, I'd encourage you to engage with Mikki Kendall directly on twitter, and show her that you get it.


ETA #3: A comment from earlier today that explains a little why I threw my hands up and went in on this.

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