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YOU GUISE. I am moving tomorrow. I'm packing, and I have NO IDEA HOW I GOT ALL THIS SHIT. Seriously. I'm not a particularly excessive shopper and I have the tiniest apartment of all time, yet I'm sure the amount of shit I've pulled out of my closet/off my shelves inexplicably exceeds the square footage of my entire bedroom and kitchen. This does not compute and it's STRESSING ME THE HELL OUT BECAUSE I HAVE TO PACK ALL THE THINGS AND I AM SO TIRED :/ :/ :/ :/ :/

Seriously though... I even made an actual effort to pack in advance! I've been at this for many nights, how is there so much left???


On a sillier note... while packing Terrance the Dog's things I was struck by the absolutely ridiculous amount of dog clothing he has... camouflage parkas. Reindeer sweaters. Raincoats. Little dude has everything. I'll treat you all to a doggie fashion show later in the evening if I have the time/need a break because it's hilarious.

ETA: Cropped version of this gif is the best.

ETA 2: Lone bright spot amidst the misery and panic... I have now found every pair of sunglasses that I've lost over the past 2 years.

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