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I realize we only have seven classes left, but for real, you are driving me insane for the following reasons:

1. Fucking read the assignment - I put the assignments online. If you have questions about length, requirements etc, read the assignment. It's all on there, I promise.

2. If you missed class, get the notes - You missed class when we went over EXACTLY how to do the assignment. This is not my problem. Don't email me less than 24 hours before the assignment is due asking what you missed.


3. The assignment is due before class. Every. Time. Every. Fucking. Time. I am unclear why you act all surprised when you get marked off for turning it in late. "I didn't know when it was due!" *

4. Don't tell me the rubric is unclear. It's on the fucking syllabus. Since Day 1.

5. Look at the worksheets and the corrections I made on your drafts. Why? Why do you not do this? I am doing you a HUGE favor by pointing out your errors and making suggestions. It does not please me when you ignore everything I say.

OK I will now have a drink before diving back into the pit of despair. I know it's inconceivable that it is this late in the semester before I reached the cliffs of insanity, but I think I need Miracle Max.


*Also, it's on the assignment.

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