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AAAARGH! (A delivery rant)

UPDATE: So the UPS guy came and delivered it right to my door and claimed he couldn't reach me. When I told him that's usually when packages would then get dropped off at the management office, he mumbled "Yeah, well, I have other priority deliveries that need to be dropped off in the morning and that's why I didn't drop yours off at the office." So... his reason for not delivering my package is because he had to deliver packages? Basically, because reasons? Bullshit answer, my friend! YOU FAIL AT APOLOGIZING.



Listen, I know ranting and complaining about package delivery is probably super first world of me, but I woke up and was pissed off even before I brushed my teeth. I actually tried calling UPS while I had a toothbrush in my mouth but decided to calm down and hang up to make sure I was justifiably angry.

So I ordered a new Chromebook to take the place of the one with the bad screen, I even paid a little extra for delivery to make sure I got it today since I'm taking Mondays off this month. I woke up at 10:00am, looked at my tracking, and see a big red "DELIVERY ATTEMPTED" at 9:48AM. Obviously they didn't try very hard because I did not hear anything. So I go down to the mailbox where building management has a huge sign highlighted in yellow, telling all delivery personnel to leave a door tag on the window and drop packages off at the management office. No doortags, nothing.

So I called my building management office, and my managers are sweet as pie. I asked if anything had been dropped off with them and they said they've been there all morning and no one has dropped off any packages. So yes, I am justifiably angry. This is a mid to large sized apartment complex, there are about 18 apartment buildings total. I promise you that if my package wasn't delivered in the same bullshit manner, someone else's was as well.

Of course, I call UPS to yell at them and they tell me to go to their hub 45 minutes away to pick up my package. Further yelling back and forth, and me using the word "Unacceptable" about 3 times, they finally relented and the delivery guy is going to try again. At 4:00pm.


I know package delivery is based on speed and is high pressure, I worked in a mailing office for 3 years. But read the big bright signs! The managers don't have those up for decoration!

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