Fuck fuck fuck fuck. I haven't even really started working there and I already cried. I got hired to teach a class at local hoity-toity university (LHTU), which I am thrilled about. I was pretty happy staying home with my son and didn't realized how much I missed working until I started doing it again. Because I just found out about this on Friday, I don't have childcare until next week (and that isn't solid yet, which is a whole other gripe). LHTU is still on spring break, which means the library I need to use is only open 9-5 weekdays. So today my husband took the day off to watch our son (yes, the wage-earner who makes something like 20 times what this class will pay took a day off for this) so I could go to campus, do some paperwork, get my ID, and get some books I need from the library that aren't available through our city's public library.

Well, LHTU is known for its terrible bureaucracy, and I spent a hour and a half running from one office to another trying to figure out how to resolve a problem with how my name appears in their system. Finally, I figure out who I need to talk to, only to find out that she isn't in today. So I get the ID card with the wrong name, figuring I can use it to get the books and change it later. Well, turns out that there is a 24-hour lag in me actually being able to take out books, but if I go to the library maybe the librarian can override that. So with 15 minutes left before the library closes I find the head librarian, and it turns out that she could override it, but first the card needs to be activated in another building. Apparently the ID office issuing the card to you isn't the same as activating it. @#$%^&*@#(^%$%^&

Well, I just lost it. I'm trying to explain to her that I just found out I'd be teaching, I don't have childcare yet, my husband took the day off just so I could get these books, I won't be able to come back until the first day of classes, I've been running around for an hour and a half, and I start sobbing. It wasn't even that dire a situation, but I just couldn't stop it.

On the bright side, she took pity on me and checked the books out to her account for me. On the other hand, now I've cried in front of her. :/