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Aaarggh, Work Dinner -- GoT/Wire gif at the bottom (maybe spoilery)

Every few months or so, there's a work dinner, sometimes to build morale, sometimes because there's a departure, birthday, etc. In the best of times, I don't like them because it's always at some bland compromise restaurant and I can't drink as much as I need to because I might say shit people will take exactly the way I mean it.

I missed the last one because of a work trip, but I sooooo hate my my smug racist/sexist co-workers right now (not all of them, but enough), that I can't stand the thought of going. Plus, I'm EXHAUSTED and would prefer to spend that time sleeping/putting a dent in the squalor/pulling out my nose hairs. The person I usually sit & snark with is the organizer, so she's got to sit with the "honoree." About half the people there are kind of pissed at him, but we'll be forced to pretend we like him, so I'll be like this:


In other news, this was on Twitter this morning. I'm just on Season 3 of GoT, so this is spoilery. But I can't resist Wire-related humor. SO DON'T TALK ABOUT ANYTHING SEASON 4 RELATED IN THE COMMENTS.

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