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Illustration for article titled Aaargh this shit. Remember this shit? (TW: animal violence)

Grumpy cat spacer.


So yeah, that dumb bitch “vet” who killed a cat for funsies, which is a felony in Texas, will not face any charges because there’s not enough proof. The fb screenshot is insufficient I guess, and they don’t actually have proof it happened in Texas, which, uh, fair enough I guess?


I get that proof is important, and I don’t want people to get charged with crimes left and right because the public is pissed, but just the fact that some crimes are so impossible to prosecute is so sad and frustrating. Theft can be very hard to prosecute, but I can deal with the guy who stole my husband’s motorcycle not getting punished. He’ll probably get picked up on some charge eventually anyway. But things like animal abuse and rape? Really hard to prosecute. Never enough proof. I don’t know how to fix that, I’m just sad about it.

At least I can take some schaudenfreude in her being unemployed with six figure student loan debt, right? Oh wait, that’s about to be my life, and I didn’t shoot any cats with arrows. Hmph.

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