Houdini Dawgs. Sneaky Assholes. Genious War Plan, if only for their side & they win. Ooooof.

This scenario I’m pretty sure is close to accurate: Mookie stands up high on 2 legs like a submarine periscope; jaw & paws ensue. He dumps an entire, huge pot of soup from the back burner of my stove. Wally surely comes in for “the assist” because he’s Mookie’s apprentice & doer of evil deeds, as per his brother’s dog bidding.

I was gone for 45 minutes. The soup is fucking EVERYWHERE. Under the stove burners, on the counters, the couch & a tiny amount on the floor (because they ate the soup that landed on the floor). It was delicious & I know because I had a bowl. It was earmarked for my & Mr. 4th’s Moms.


I love my dog criminals. I’d bail them out of dog jail & have. Still....

Please send kittens & old, wise cats!