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ABBA: Sometimes Performance Persona Can Be So Different In Reality

Last night for some reason I started watching ABBA videos and came across this video. Agnetha, After ABBA #1. I have not found part two.

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Here is contempory picture of Agnetha since we all know what she looked like when she performed in ABBA.


If you had asked me before I saw the video I would have said of course Agnetha would have married a Crown Prince and a spokesperson for the environment and now dating a Duke (Prince died in 1998). Nope that was Anni Frida.


Watching these videos and loving their music for decades I knew zero about the women. I knew the two men created a couple of musicals also the two couples divorced hence end of ABBA. I always assumed Agnetha was the one totally outgoing, happy, and Anni Frida the one who was shy and withdrawn. Agnetha is the one the viewer is drawn to in the videos since she has such a commanding presence.

Its another example of how we think we know a person based on their stage performance but we only see a side or a face they want us to see.


Agnetha is really interesting. She is described as a near recluse. People talking about her describe her as not having coped well with the fame. Some refer to her as being depressed based on her early writings.

The video does a real disservice to her the section about the stalker is totally vague about whether they were lovers for two years or not. The guy is a total disturbed creep, who should never have been interviewed, but narrator leaves it hanging about if the two year relationship was true. Yes you can still be a stalker and date someone. Such as keeping track of their moves without their knowledge etc.


Her teacher goes a bit overboard about how great of a student she was.

I had no idea that both Agnetha and Bjorn were already established very popular, in their own country, singers long before they helped form Abba. That part is really interesting.


An interesting quote is by someone who worked with ABBA who said that there were three marriages and only one survived. The Bjorn and Benny marriage, which seems to consist of friendship and musical partnership.

Here is the wiki of Anni Frida, the Princess of Reuss.

https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anni-Frid_Lyngstad Can you believe Agnetha is 66 and Anni Frida is 71.

The S.O.S line “it used to be so nice, it used to be good” reminds me of then when we were all younger, those days felt so nice and memory says they were so good. Most certainly not reality but the line is meaningful. In the song it refers to love.

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